Meet the Slums!

Slums Entertainment presents, 17-year-old, Mercedes Bonds, professionally known as F.A.O Tazz. The female MC, F.A.O Tazz, is from Norfolk, VA, also known as ‘SHARK CITY.’ She’s Currently living in Clarksville, TN and she is apart of the Slums Entertainment Label. 

Q. What does being apart of Slums ENT mean to you?

Being apart of the Slums means everything to me. We are a family that takes good care of each other.”

F.A.O is the baby slum of the family, so we wanted all the details concerning her start with music.

Music has always been apart of me. When I was younger, I enjoyed dancing, poetry and creating beats rather than going outside to play. Art period always seemed to fascinate me. When my mother had company come over, I took that as my shot to perform for them every chance I got.”

I started taking my poetry serious when I reached the age of 14. That time of my life was a lonely time period. I was going through typical teenage troubles. The only way I seemed to express myself was when my words would relax on the inner heart of instruments. Music became a real close friend. Then, music soon became to be all I had.”

F.A.O Tazz has been a visionary since she was little. A lover of art, and an overall creator. How did she become so in-tuned with music, we had to find out the inspiration behind it all.

Q. Who are you listening to, other than yourself?

As of right now, I have no particular artist that I’m listening to, but I’m currently studying different genres and the artist Corbin known as Spooky Black.”


Female MC’s within the rap community has been out numbered by men since the beginning of time. Female lyricist are sadly underrepresented in the music industry. It’s time for the culture to shift, and it has to start with the younger women who are just now coming into the game. They’re the one’s who have to step up to the plate and make a change.

Q. How do you plan to inspire younger girls?

“Honestly, I plan to inspire girls through my music and my self expression.”

When asked about her upcoming projects, rapper, F.A.O Tazz had this to say!

“I prefer not to speak on that, I’d rather keep my moves silent.” 

Hmm, I guess it is true, Bosses really don’t speak.

Slums Magazine publication is all about uplifting upcoming artist during their journey with entering the music industry. Promoting, encouraging, and uplifting raw and undeniable talent by any means necessary.

The Slum way!

F.A.O Tazz closed out the interview with some inspirational words for other artist who are grinding and working as new upcoming artist.

“Just be real at all times, It’s respected.” 

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