Exclusive With Artist Jaik Montana AKA Jaik MPR

SLUMSMAG recently got a chance to interview recording artist Jaik Montana AkA Jaik MPR which stands for Money, Power, and Respect. In his interview he discussed his influences, aspirations and so on.

Jaik was born in Columbus Ga and raised around the U.S. through military parents. He started to discover his musical talent at the age of fifteen. Throughout his teen and adult years he was inspired through different life experiences, However his biggest influence came from close friends which led him to pursue a career in music professionally.

The message he want to get across in his music is to Never Stop, “I know so many people want to stop everyday but im here to tell you dont stop doing what youre doing, go after what you love and do it like you love it because whatever your passion is, it wont leave you.”

As you can see he’s not only an artist, He’s an inspiration to young men and women everywhere. His perseverance and drive is what keeps him going. Advice he say he would give up coming talent is to stay true to themselves because in life you can never stop learning. As you can see he’s not only doin big things with his music encouraging people but he’s also inspiring along the way. SLUMSMAG wish you more prosperity and success. We will see you at the top.🔥Everyone make sure you follow and support. 

Instagram: http://Instagram.com/jaikmpr
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/jaikmpr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaikmpr/

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