Life Beyond Basketball: Kobe Bryant


NBA superstar Kobe Bryant sits down with Sports Center Cari Champion to discuss his final 60-point game, how he’s been spending his time and how sports is essential for the youth.


When speaking on his final 60-point game he stated it was like the beginning, and end of a film. He went on to say how he knew he completed his task and felt fulfilled which gave him a emotional release. Stating it took him 15 years to figure out what he wanted to do after his NBA career, continuing to say how he’s excited about what’s next.


He now produce through the art of storytelling while still passing knowledge to this generation of players. When speaking on the youth he stated how sports not only have physical benefits but mental,and emotional benefits as well. He went on to say how youth gain life skills they can carry with them for the rest of their lives through sports raising consciousness about the human spirit through sports. We couldn’t agreed more kudos to Kobe Bryant.

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