Carmelo Anthony Not Ready To Call It Quits!!!!


Carmelo Anthony has reached out to the Lakers and Clippers among other teams to keep his spot in the NBA.

The Ten-time NBA All-Star had a one on one interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on “First Take” in which he candidly discussed his short-lived tenures with the Thunder, and Rockets, Melo isn’t ready just yet to call it quits.

When he found out about his departure last season when getting traded from the Houston Rockets he stated “I was surprised by it big-time,” Anthony said. “For three, four years, they were trying to get me to come to the Houston Rockets, and when I finally went there they said, ‘OK, this is the piece that we need.’ So I get there, and I’m thinking everything is going to be good, I’m doing everything I gotta do. Never missed a practice, did all my work.” “I know I can still play.

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