Florida native, Greg Nasti, just dropped his hit single “Ride on it.”


Greg Nasti is a well-known music producer from Florida whose crossing over into becoming an artist himself.

Nasti’s new single, “Ride on It,” is said to be a summer jam.

“I’m excited…hyped and appreciative. Everybody around me is being very supportive. It feels great knowing that people are showing love.”

According to the rapper, he didn’t produce his new single. Greg Nasti credited Deyjan Beats for producing the top down summer banger.

“Shout out to Deyjan Beats for this dope ass beat. I actually just fumbled across it…I was on pro tools just trying to set up a format for myself.”

Nasti mentioned that this was his first time recording himself in the studio.

Apparently the rapper heard the beat and instantly felt a vibe that stuck fire!

“The words just came out…especially when it comes to sex, I like talking my shit.”

A source revealed that the rapper recently just had a show at Miami Live in Miami Beach, FL.

Artist: GregNasti
Photographer: Co_olkidd Photography

During the interview, Nasti was asked about about any future collaborations with other artist or music producers.

“As far as features I would love to work with different artist. I need plies, Megan Thee Stallion, kevin Gates… either one on this song.”

He continued, “As far as beats, I’m collaborating with numerous producers and artist from Florida, Atlanta, New York, Delaware ,etc.”

The “Ride on it” rapper also gave us some insight about him networking and meeting different people within the industry. He says that he will continue to work on new music for his fans, primarily, R&B and club bangers.

Nasti also teased a upcoming showcase of his music coming soon in his hometown.

“yes, most definitely, I got to turn up for Polk County.”

It was reported that the “Ride on It” single is a promotional track for a brand new project that Greg Nasti is currently working on.

Whew, looks like summer just got a lot hotter!

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