The rapper, Young KSB, released his single “Slob On My Ass” back in May of this year.

The song has been creating quite a buzz on social media.

The youtube video approximately has about 157k views and has social platforms such as twitter completely shook.

 “I’ve been extremely overwhelmed by the success of Slob On My Ass! I never expected for it to blow up the way it did. I dropped the video and then It was everywhere.”

Young Ksb recently linked up with Love and Hip Hop Miami star, Bobby Lytes for a “Slob On My Ass” collaboration.

 “The remix of Slob On My Ass came about really well. Bobby hit me up & we pretty much just did it. It’s a great experience working with a big artist.”


According to KSB, the twerk track, “Slob On My Ass,” has successfully open a few doors in the industry for the rapper.

It was also reported by a source that the artist, Young KSB, recently signed a management deal in Atlanta. The rapper has also been doing alot of interviews to promote his new music as well.

We were curious to know about a specific interview the rapper had with Kontrol Magazine.

“Yes, I was at Kontrol! There’s some things in the works that you will see soon.”

Considering that this is pride month, It’s pretty safe to say that Young KSB, has the hottest track out right now to represent the LGBT community.

I’ve been enjoying pride month actually… My song has been played in many clubs all over which is an amazing feeling. I will be attending some prides also so be on the lookout for that.”

Young KSB recently just released a new song titled “Shake” featuring Tezzy Jayy. The song is another dancing anthem that has social media going crazy and fans are wondering will there be a music video.

Yes, Shake ft. Tezzy Jayy will most definitely have a visual… the song is hot & people are really gravitating towards it. He’s a really good friend of mine also, so it’s pretty much a good thing when two dope artist can come together.

Well, there you have it, it appears that the rapper plans on bringing the heat all summer long!

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