24-year-old, John Reynolds, Professionally known as Gian Kash is an upcoming rapper from Lakeland Florida, who made a splash in the music industry with his debut EP “Allure.”

The Project “Allure” dropped sometime last year and it’s available for streaming on Apple Music.

The EP consisted of 6 different tracks titled ‘Get Inside,’ ‘Zone,”Mine (Anytime),”All I need,”The prize’ and ‘Already Know.’

Check out some of the audio below!

A source revealed that Kash possibly has a brand new EP dropping soon with no expected release date.

The rapper, Gian Kash, recently dropped a new single titled “Office.” The track was released just last month.

The video was directed by KD Visualz and has stirred up some talk around social media platforms.

Gian Kash

We linked up with Kash to get the inside scoop behind his music, life struggles, and his top musical inspirations in the rap industry.

According to Kash, he is still considered an independent artist. Therefore, we were curious to know about his struggles within the music industry without having a huge record label behind him.

“As of now, I couldn’t say there’s a struggle that forces me to write because I create from a different angle. I may try to visualize someone else’s struggle rather than my own, because I’m a super deep thinker…and until I get that under control, I try not to tap into my own as much.”

He also mentioned during the interview that he isn’t signed to a label just yet, nor does he plan on doing so anytime soon.

After reviewing the rappers recent music, it was clear that he is a lyrical visionary whose hustling to bring back that real Hip Hop sound that we all know and love.

“I’ve always wrote as a kid. Little raps, here and there. As I got older I realized I was pretty decent at it. So then I would do it more to test my skills. It’s been off and on until about 2-3 years ago.”

When asked about his top five rap influencers, this was his response.

“My top five inspirations today would be J.Cole, 6lack, Isaiah Rashad, Smino and SZA.”

Whew, talk about musical range.

Social media has been in an uproar lately about ‘ the state of the culture.’ Questioning rappers actual skills while trying to differentiate real rap oppose to “mumble rapping.”

When asked about his opinion on this topic, this was his response!

“I honestly think the rap culture is in a good state. There’s varieties for everybody to enjoy. I prefer the storytelling… he said, I understand there’s music for different moods and vibes.”

Over the years, The state of rap culture has enhanced tremendously. Like Kash said, there is a huge range of musical varieties within the industry. Yet, we were curious to know how does one stay true to themselves while dealing with the pressure to stand out amongst the heavy hitters.

“Authenticity means being your best inner being. It’s what makes you, you. Even if that may be variations of yourself.”

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Gian Kash closed out the interview with some inspirational words for other up and coming artist.

“Be yourself! Remember there are no limits when creating music. Have fun with it. Don’t chase the money, perfect the craft!”

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