Tiger Woods’s Wins 2019 Masters

Slums MAG Staff: Renay Marie

Tiger Woods made his return to the 2019 Masters at Augusta National and the excitement was at a all time high for supporters everywhere. Although Woods is one of the greatest Masters champions of all time, everyone still  wondered if he still had what it takes.  It’s been a long time coming  with previous wins in 1997, 2001, 2002, 2005, and now 2019. Tiger Woods is now the second-oldest winner in Masters history. It was his first victory at Augusta since 2005 and his first major title since the infamous car crash, a public airing of the lurid details of his infidelity, four back surgeries, a DUI arrest, and numerous other ailments that threatened to permanently derail what once looked destined to be the most accomplished career in golf history.  What a comeback!!! Woods stated, “The win is just unreal, This has meant so much to me and my family, this tournament, and to have everyone here, it’s something I’ll never, ever forget.” Throughout the game Woods was the unquestioned best athlete on the course, his strength allowing him to launch drives other players just couldn’t do. He now holds 14 major championship titles, second only to Nicklaus. 

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