Fans all over social media are always wondering where’s Rhi these days?

Well, According to, She just got done wrapping up her movie ‘Guava Island’ with Donald Glover.

Donald Glover and Rihanna’s film ‘Guava Island’ is officially here.

The project was streaming free on Amazon yesterday, April 13.


It was reported that the movie is Inspired by classic movies of the African diaspora such as Touki Bouki, City of God, andBlack Orpheus, the 54-minute feature stars Glover as a singer trying to stage a music festival, while Rihanna plays his factory worker girlfriend. The piece includes unreleased Childish Gambino songs as well as those that might sound more familiar, like “This Is America.”

The beautiful film was captured in Cuba Last summer.

The looks from the characters exceeds expectations from you normal ideal breezy caribbean style.


According to the Guava Island executive producer and Glovers frequent collaborator Ibra Ake explains, the wardrobe and costuming pulls from the African diaspora to create a totally new world. “The clothing was a huge palette for us to express ourselves and tell stories,” Ake said over the phone from Indio Valley during a rare moment of downtime at Coachella.

GQ Fashion Director Mobolaji Dawodu, said, The main thing is that it was an all-black world. You can pick up references to a lot of things, but it didn’t have to be specific to a country or a region,” said Dawodu said of the fashion on film. “Obviously Africa was an anchor, but we took a lot of elements of black style from different places and put it together.”

Hmm, Sounds like this movie is going to take us on a tropical vacation.

Go check it out now on

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