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L.g.b. with a capital T.  Meet transgender hip-hop star MzzAmirraO.  Repping Baltimore loud and proud, this young lady opens the conscious flood gates with her messages of survival and self-empowerment.  Ultimately a vet in the game, MzzO’s newest music project takes listeners on a hood righteous trip through twisted lyrical melodies over wildfire beats. Let’s go!

Question 1.

How long have you been an independent artist?


I have been an independent artist since 2010

Question 2.

Which letter best describes you L-G-B-T-Q or none of the above?


The Best letter to describe me would be T of course, The T should come first if it was up to me lol (Jk) T.L.G.B.Q


Question 3.

How did you get started with music?


Back in 2010. I started downloading instrumentals from Lime Wire. Write my verses and Hook then recorded it with a Plug and play recorder. Then upload them in video format on YouTube. My first mixtape series was called The Jack move, being I jacked other rappers beats and made completely different songs out of them. Everything started from went from there.


Question 4.

What kind of fan base does your music target?


My music targets all types of people, but mainly the Urban Community. When I write most of my songs, I try to write from a Broad aspect so anybody can relate in some kind of way. 


Question 5.

Tell about your new project and its inspiration?



My latest Ep titled “Life Path Numb3r Five”, is a Time period piece. This era we live in as Americans, and as people as a whole, can be very trying, From Police brutality to our financial deficiencies, Race wars, Gender equality etc. Reminds me of the ’60s and ’70s. I started thinking about Artist from that time period like Marvin Gaye Who made records that reflected the times. I didn’t want to make songs about partying or twerking or Bragging about all that I have, I wanted to make an Album that showed through music how I been feeling during this time. Life Path number five is a personal title. It explains the Good and The Bad characteristics of me. I’m a good person but also like most people I have bad ways or thoughts and I can be a bit contradicting. You can hear some of that in this Ep
Question 6.

Tell us about the features on your project and your experience with working with other artists? 


I only Have two collaborations on this project. One with Kleva B who is a New upcoming Trans Woman from Chicago, Called We Ready. And The other is with one of my close friends Luci for the Record Two the Hard Way. Amirra with the Barz remix was supposed to have 4 other rappers on it but I didn’t hear anything else from the artist about being on the record, so I ended up writing the hook and adding a second verse and doing the record alone. I’ve had great experiences collaborating and also not so great experiences. I’ve learned that you have to have a great relationship with anyone you make music with or it’s like having a child with a deadbeat dad lol so I’m picky with collabs now 

Question 7.

In two or three sentences, tell me about your childhood?


My childhood is a movie itself lol. My mom and Dad were both into the criminal lifestyle heavy. From major drug distribution to Bank robberies. So, I’ve seen a lot growing up. Becoming what I would later relate to as a transgender child was a whole new struggle. From suicidal thoughts and being bullied to eventually taking up for myself and being the Bully by high school. I was known for being feminine and whooping ass! I got tired of being mistreated so I fought back and soon that became my way of dealing with things. Let’s fight 
Question 8.

What type of live performer are you?


I don’t know what type of live performer I am.  I do know every time I hit the mic I get the audience up and they really get into it. No matter what State I perform from Atl to NY to Memphis even my hometown of Baltimore I’ve always had great stage presence and leave my mark.


Question 9.

What does authenticity mean to you and how important is originality?

Authenticity to me means Real. Original and Raw. These days in music everybody sounds alike looks alike and doing all the same shit. So, it’s very important to do your own thing in your own lane. Everybody is influenced by other Musicians, but you should always be able to bring it like only you can. We have enough clones


Question 10.

Which current artist would say you identify most with and why?


I don´t think there is an artist I identify with. I know a lot of great artists but we all different. 


Question 11.

 What message would you send to another inspiring underground artist? 


A message I would send to another underground artist would be. Stay consistent. Be original. Get your business in order, making music is fun but there is a lot of business behind it that is just as important. Also, I would say be the best that you can possibly be and always be willing to learn and step your game up. 

Question 12.

All music has a message, what is the message in your music?


I have multiple messages through my music. My new project is more conscience but still street. The main message of LPNF is to never give up, shit gets hard then gets even harder, but things always work out eventually. 
Question 13.   

Name some artist mainstream and independent you would like to work with?


An artist I would love to work with Mainstream would be Missy Elliot and Beyoncé lol not too many mainstream artists that I really get into these days. I would like to work with J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar. I would love to do a record with Rapper Bugz Gutta and also R&B Singer Shea Diamond. My faves right now 
Question 14.

If you had to pick the top5 LGBT rappers who would they be …


The top Lgbt Rappers to me I would say, Myself. Bugz Gutta. Genuwine Beauty. Earth Tone and Izzi Starz 


Question 15.

What would you say is a major difference between being a transgender hip hop art and a gay male hip hop artist?



Trans artist and Gay artist share some of the same struggles of discrimination in the music industry amongst other things but I feel A Gay rapper does have the advantage of being more so tolerated by Cis heterosexual Male dominated Hip-hop then a Transgender would especially a Trans Woman. Cis-Gendered Females in Hip-hop have had such a battle for equality and Unity in the business.  Always being put up against each other as if there can’t be more than one female rapper on the court at a time. I can go so much deeper into it but my point is a Gay rapper is still a Man and men always seem to have an upper hand in hip-hop.


Question 16.

How do you feel about the Love and Hip-Hop franchise and the way the LGBTQ community has been represented and if asked, would you be a part of it? Why or Why not.


The Love and hip-hop’s are entertaining but never really shed a good light on any of its Cast, but it’s a great way to get your Brand and face out there so for some it’s worth the Madness that comes with. Almost seems purposely wired to make LGBT and colored people, in general, look the fool on screen and off. The only way I would be a part of this franchise would be if I have complete control over what I say and do on camera without some coon Stereotyped out Storyline or Producers in my ear telling what and how to react or approach situations.


Question 17.

Rap beefs have fuel hip hop careers since forever.  Have you ever been in a rap beef? If so, with whom and what is the nature of the situation today?


I’ve never had a Rap Beef. I have done a diss record towards a certain region of lil rap dudes I knew personally because of the lack of respect and Thing’s they said Behind my back, but that was years ago. I’m still here and they aren’t, so forget about it lol Nah a rapper would really have to touch a nerve for me to take the time to write about another mother fucker and then pay money to go into a studio and record the mother fucker lmao I’ve had artist go as far as saying my name in a disrespectful manner on their records and I paid it dust. You have to be a bad bitch to get that kind of time, energy and attention from me.

Question 18.

Nicki has her Barbies, Beyoncé has her beehive, but what are MzzAmirraOs fans called.


My Fans who are like family to me and really ride for MzzAmirraO are called my Vixxenz. Named after one of my alias Vixxen. Almost my alter ego. She’s a bad bitch, very Out of control though

Question 19.

Who supports you? Who or what gives you the strength and the courage to get up every morning and continue to chase your dreams?


My VixxenZ support me, Right along with my husband and Family. A great number of my LGBT community supports me including My music peers like Manmade Productions and TGU Ent, Ken Dee and Izzi from House of Starz. My Producers Nicki Andro, Zvrra and Kit Kat Barz Ent. My Manager Grayson and the whole street-smart radio team. My Public relations Agent Skyler J public relations agency. My Best friends, Luci, Crystal, Kleva, Teke amongst others always have been very supportive of me. They all keep me going every day every year after year. 


Question 20.

Any regrets?


I don’t have any regrets, only learning experiences. Every day I’m learning something new and finding out different approaches on how to advance and Be a better Artist, Better Wife, Mom, and Friend. 





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