LeBron James Says It’s Unfair To Ask So Much Of Young Lakers

Slums MAG Staff: Renay Marie

Often when the press ask Lebron about the Lakers’ struggles, he refers to the team as just inexperience. He says they are a young team and attributes the mistakes they make as a group. quoting “You have four guys in our top eight rotation that you have to really rely on, and it’s unfair to them to ask for so much when they’re in their second or third year,” James said. “We have Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram. And we had Ivica Zubac at the time. That’s like five out of our top nine guys that we rely on, and they’re in their first and second year. You can’t find one other team in our league right now that has to rely on that much every single night from their young guys that’s in their first or second year.”


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