A Slums Magazine Exclusive Interview ChicoGotBarz

Written By: Marsha P.

Meet the 29 years old hip-hop enthusiast straight out of Tampa Fl, who calls himself ChicoGotBarz.  Born Michael Wilks and raised in “Dirty South” this hot, fire-spitting lyricist says #HeGotNext.  Check out this Slums Exclusive Interview below.

Question 1.

How long have you been an independent artist?


since I’ve begun music, Which I started when I was a younger lad.

Question 2.

Which letter best describes you L-G-B-T-Q or none of the above?


I don’t really like sticking labels on me or anybody but if I had to pick a letter it would definitely be the G

Question 3.

How did you get started with music?


When I first start writing, it started as poetry. However, I soon began to put a voice and rhythm to the words I was writing down and music became a way of expression for me.

Question 4.

What kind of fan base does your music target?


I think I target people of all ages and struggles particularly because I make music that people can relate to. So, I think my target fan base would be anybody who can catch a good vibe or just need words of encouragement or turning up through there day.

Question 5.

What are some struggles of being a new artist and what are some pros?

Getting people to listen to your music is one of the hardest parts of being a new artist.

Question 6.

Name the TOP 5 favorite music artist you listen too?


My top five favorite artists are

Nicki Minaj
J cole

Question 7.

In two or three sentences, tell me about your childhood?

My childhood wasn’t rough, but it wasn’t gravy either. I like to think that I had a strict and humble upbringing that made me who I am today.

Question 8.

Any new projects, EP, albums, singles, tours coming up?

I currently have my first EP “Put Me In Coach” is now streaming on all platforms and I am also currently working on a secretive project which will be out later this year

Question 9.

What does authenticity mean to you?


It just means being true to yourself and your art form and the people who support you. Just be the best version of you that you can be

Question 10.

Which current artist would say you identify most with and why?


I say Nicki Minaj and J Cole I identify with Nicki being that she works hard to push her pen even though the masses don’t get it and J Cole cause as the underdog he so slept on

Question 11.

What message would you send to other inspiring underground artists?


Keep pushing and don’t let anybody hold you back

Question 12.

All music has a message, what is the message in your music?


My message would be that there is only one you, and someone in the world needs you
Question 13.

Name some artist mainstream and independent you would like to work with?


Bugz Gutta

Invisible Crown

Dez Jetson

Yung Miracle

Brookesville Tyco

Coudda B


Question 14.

If you had to pick the top5 LGBT rappers who would they be …
Bugz Gutta

Invisible Crown

Yung Miracle

Dez Jetson

Brookesville Tyco



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