The cast and production team of the television show ‘Empire,’ stood next to jussie Smollett throughout his hate crime scandal until just recently. 

When Smollett became a suspect of a felony crime for allegedly filing a false police report, solidarity appeared to keep the ‘Empire’ cast together.

However, the show suddenly issued a statement announcing Smollett’s dismissal on Friday, February 22, after Smollett turned himself in.

They made it very clear that the Actor who play’s Jamal Lyon will not take part in the last two episodes of this season.

GettyImages-827749118Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

According to a TMZ source, Thursday on set was a complete disaster after Jussie decided to turn himself in to the Chicago Police Department.

A source claimed that Terrence Howard was so upset he refused to come out of his trailer for most of the day.

They claim Howard did not believe Jussie’s story from the very beginning of the debacle since his testimony did not seem to make sense. He began to confront him with questions as the investigation developed.

According to Hot New Hip-Hop,  Abel and Ola Osundairo’s testimonies bolstered Howard’s grilling. He reportedly screamed at his co-star, urging him to confess. Later that evening, Jussie addressed the crew to apologize about the scandal while still maintaining his innocence. Howard was nowhere in sight at the time.

Although alot went down on Thursday’s Set, Terrence Howard still displayed support for Jussie Smollett via social media on Saturday.

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