Slums Magazine presents 29-year-old B Amechi, Media Director for TrapxArt. Amechi is from Oakland CA, and he has been apart of TrapxArt events for going on about 6-years. 

TrapxArt Event: Oakland, CA, 2016

TrapxArt is a community based event which allows different business owners, entrepreneurs, visionary’s and artistic creators a chance to share common interest, network, and gain a financial outcome.  The event grants a platform to self-promote, advertise, brand and market your company, art, music and so much more. Slums Magazine was curious to know more about the event and how we could be apart of the extravaganza.

Q. How long has TrapxArt been in the works?

“We’ve been doing trapxart since 2013 and it’s grown tremendously in the years since. I’m the cousin of Jesse and Amina Brooks, the founders of trapxart. I started off doing the videos to promote the events. Since then we’ve grown to doing fashion, music and different type of shows which I emcee. A magazine which I help produce, as well as our online video content for shows and interviews featuring artist from all over the world. Trapxart is now much more then an event. It’s a movement and a community. The artist make it what it is, so beacuse of that it will forever grow and continue to evolve. It’s dope.”

Q. What is the overall purpose of Trapxart, how was it created? 

“I look at a few themes that push what could be defined as a purpose for our events: artistic expression, freedom, comfort with ones unique self, entrepreneurship, and as I always say, positive energy and good vibes.”

“We support artists and each other. At the end of the day, Trapxart should make you feel something, that’s what it’s all about,” Amechi continued. 

Q.What does it mean to you to be a Successful black man?


” A successful black man is one with self knowledge of who they are and what their purpose is. A successful black man is one who accomplished and achieves exactly what they want.” 

Q. What can the community expect from these Trapxart events? 

“The community will be able to meet artists, entrepreneurs and talent that they otherwise didn’t know about. The community will be able to network in an environment that’s overall fun and dope. People should see things they have never seen before and experience a one of a kind event. Whether Austin is ready for Trapxart or not, we’re coming.”

Slums Magazine will be hosting this years Trapxart event in Austin Texas, March 21.

Stay tuned for all updates on new merchandise and anything Slums.


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