The New England Patriots Are Super Bowl Champions For The Sixth Time!!!

Slums MAG Staff: Renay Marie

The Patriots won against Rams despite the slow start. While the other eight Super Bowls they’d played in since the 2001 season were all pretty exciting in one way or another, their 13-3 win against the Rams in Super Bowl 53 was the lowest scoring Superbowl in history. A lot of supporters everywhere felt the game didn’t have much excitement; but on a better note Edelman was the deserving winner of the MVP award. He’s had a decent career for a player drafted 232nd in his draft year. Edelman caught 10 passes on 12 targets for 141 yards, his ability to keep the chains moving allowed the Patriots to score a touchdown in the 4th quarter. He consistently got open against different looks from the secondary. This lead to the victory; in regardless the Patriots, now arguably the greatest dynasty in the modern era winning the most NFL championships.

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