Slums Magazine presents Amiyah Jackson, professionally known as LuddyB.

The 23-year-old rapper, LuddyB, is currently living in Atlanta, GA.

“I traveled a lot growing up, queen city ,MIA ,ATL and new jersey city.”
“growing up i never had a stable home. We were always moving so i had friends and family all over the world even if they weren’t blood related.”


This is behind the music, a Slums exclusive.

LuddyB: God In Heaven

Q. How Did you get into Music?

“I always stood out for being creative. I started writing poems in elementary school, 
it has always been an out let  or me. I keep a lot of things bottled in.”

Q. Hip-Hop culture is all about coming from nothing and redefining the struggle. How can you relate?

“The Atlanta rapper, LuddyB, told Slums that she relates by looking up to people like her family, 2pac shakur, Boosie, Drake, Wayne and Aaliyah.”
She continued with paying homage to everyone who’s affiliated with the music industry. The rapper states how she understands that in order to be a successful artist you must sacrifice a lot.

Slums magazine was interested in knowing who LuddyB had in her Top 5 for favorite music artist. We were curious to know who inspired the artist’s writing techniques, flows and deliver.

“2Pac,Boosie,Drake,Beyonce and Nicki.”
Although artist are all inspired by legends who came before them, it is also imperative that artist understand the importance of authenticity and how it elevates a artist as a musician.

Q.What does authenticity mean to you as an artist? 

“Trying to out do yourself. Come harder and harder each project.” 

Q. New Hip-Hop culture has a different sound, describe your sound and the inspiration behind it?

“I call it the tripple R. (Rock/Rap/R&b) bringing a whole new sound to he Hiphop Culture.”
We wanted all the scoop on LuddyB’s upcoming music projects and social events here in the local city of Atlanta Georgia.
“My New Single Called, ‘God In Heaven.’ You can check it out on all Social outlets.”
The rapper continued, I lost someone who was dear to my heart, rest easy to my grandpa Rico Ray. My emotions on this song is about once someone is gone you can’t get them back, so I ask God why did he take him from me so early?”
“Check me out on all social media @luddyboi  for dates and upcoming events!”

Slums Magazine publication is all about uplifting upcoming artist during their journey with entering the music industry. Promoting, encouraging, and uplifting raw and undeniable talent by any means necessary.

The Slum Way!

Rapper, LuddyB, closed out the interview with some inspirational words for other upcoming artist who are also grinding and working as new upcoming artist.

“Keep pushing and don’t let nobody take you away from your dreams”

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