Marvel Creates Comic Book Drag Queen Super Hero

Written By: Marsha P.

As the times change so do the minds, ideas, and opinions of the people.  Marvel bravely challenges old and outdated ideas of homosexuality by constructing characters and storylines that redefine the ways in which queer loving gender-bending lifestyles are perceived.  In the latest issue of its Iceman comic book series, Gay writer Sina Grace, introduces us to his latest character creation, a mutant superhero drag-queen name Shade.  According to Mashable, Shade “possesses teleportation powers, and “can create and enter a pocket dimension inside her handheld folding fan.” The lead character in the Iceman comic book series is named Bobby Drake, who is gay.  However, this is not the first time a drag queen superhero has been featured as a cartoon character.  Last summer, Netflix debuted an LGBTQ-themed animated superhero show with cross-dressers called “Super Drags.”  The show follows the drag queen superheroes as they lead their double life working in a department store by day, before transforming into “super drags” at night.’

While everyone does not agree with the direction the comic book series is going, Grace remains optimistic. “I really wanted this series to push readers to new and better stories about the whole queer experience and how it applies to being both a mutant and a superhero,” Grace said in a recent interview with The Advocate.  “There are

a million different queer perspectives and we’re only scratching the surface.”



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