A Slums Magazine Exclusive Interview w/ Mo’ Siah

Wimage2Written By: Marsha P.

DC rapper Mo’ Siah born Kelley Daughtry is originally from Edenwald Projects in the Bronx New York.  At just 25, this talented artist has a lot to say about making waves in the game.  Check out this Slums Exclusive Interview below.

Question 1.

How long have you been an independent artist?


I have been a serious independent artist for the past two years. I started performing at showcases and open mic nights around June or July of 2016. then February of 2017 I started to get recognized and performed my first showcase for the LGBT community.

Question 2.

How did you get started with music?


At a very young age, I started to sing and dance. The first song I learned to sing was I believe I could fly by R. Kelly. My mom and grandma would want me to sing it over and over and over. I also grew up around a musical family where my aunts and uncles loved to dance. They partied for no reasons. Any chance they could, they would party and dance, and because I was the youngest I got to experience how much fun they were having. I also grew up in a very dangerous neighborhood where music and dancing was an escape from the harsh reality. I used to watch my cousins make up dances to Aaliyah and Destiny child just because they were the hottest around. Years later my grandmother figured out that I had a passion for singing and dancing so she bought me this karaoke machine, along with tape recorders. I use to make these little recordings of me singing to Destiny child no no no no and biggie smalls one more chance. From there I performed with elementary and middle school choirs. In high school, music became more real to me when myself and my two sisters formed a singing group (A.C.K). At the age of 13 and 14, I discovered a new form of expression rap. My sister Andrea had written a new song for the group and she asked me if I knew how to rap and I said no. She said listen to how these rappers are delivering their message. I listened for a moment and put the pen to the paper and came up with my first rap.


Question 3.

What kind of fan base does your music target?


I believe my music targets pretty much anyone. From ages 15 and above. I see that the LGBT community has gravitated more to my music but I still have a lot of heterosexual listeners as well. originally I started rapping at hetero open mics so I’ve developed a fan base with them as well. I feel anyone who likes real rap likes my music

Question 4.

What are some struggles of being a new artist and what are some pros?

Some struggles with being a new artist is creating a brand. Focusing on how to brand yourself is one of the hardest. When I first started to get recognized I wanted more than what I could handle at that particular time. I wanted dancers, I wanted automatic fame because I knew I was just that good. But as time past I knew that it takes hard work and dedication. You can’t force people to like your music. You just have to prove to yourself your music is worth people listening to.

Question 5.

Name the TOP 5 favorite artist you’re listening too?


My top five favorite artists are

Nicki Minaj
Notorious B.I.G
And lil Kim

Question 6.

Any new projects, EP, albums, singles, tours coming up?

I don’t like calling my projects albums or EPS
I call them bodies of art. I will be coming out with some new art this March. I also have a new single coming out late January early February called Kill A bitch. This song represents how outspoken I truly am. Mom always told me if I don’t have anything nice to say write it down on paper. So I wrote it down and now I’m letting the world know my thoughts lol.

Question 7.

what does authenticity mean to you?


Authenticity means to be original. I think as an example a lot of people copy one another’s work and do not pay homage. I wrote a song called Diary with the vocals of Aaliyah in the background and I made the verses similar to how left eye rapped on no scrubs. I paid homage to both ladies since those were the most influential of the 90s. Plus they never did a song together which made me want to do something that would represent both of them. Making the song Authentic.

Question 8.

What message would you send to other inspiring underground artists?


Humble yourself, do not burn any bridges, find your voice, do not get discouraged, and keep your eyes on the prize.

Question 9.

All music has a message, what is the message in your music?


My new music has a particular message. Don’t fuck with me! I have taken a lot of bullshit from people in the industry so far. So my message is to beware. I’m not here to play, bitch I’m here to stay!

Question 10.

Name some artist mainstream and independent you would like to work with?


I am obsessed with pop culture
Adele, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendez, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Post Malone, Missy Elliot, salt n Peppa. Also, some underground would be Asian doll and Kashdoll, and Bianca bonnie

Question 11.

If you had to pick the top5 Lgbt rappers who would they be …
Doug thee savage
Hymn the rapper




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