Slums Entertainment presents 24-year-old Christian Antwine, Professionally known as Antwine. 

Antwine to the left of the photo below, Artist

Dajon Kemp to the right of the photo below, musical influencer. 


The rapper, Antwine, was born in Long Beach California, but he was raised in Watts California.

The Cali native is on the rise to stardom and Slums Magazine has the inside scoop on all his musical inspirations, new projects, and his future intentions to impact the new age hip-hop culture.

This is behind the music, an exclusive.

Q.How Hard is it being an independent Artist?

“Being an Independent Artist in 2019 is Comparable to Being a fish at sea, especially in Los Angeles! Everyone Makes Music! Social Media and Platforms Like Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp and a Plethora more make it almost Impossible to Stand Out amongst the masses. Branching Out Reaching New People is almost impossible without seeming like your just spamming inboxes and paying for promotion gets you nowhere fast!”

Q. How did you get into making music?

In 2014 I began Working at Staples Center. One of the First People I became Friends with was a guy by the name of Dajon Kemp. He was already making Music at the time and I found it fascinating how he was able to put his words together so smooth. He suggested I try but I didn’t think it was possible so i brushed it off, but after watching him body beats and create his own completely original songs I couldn’t resist it any longer and begin my journey into Hip Hop.
623 Album Cover


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The rapper has plans to release his second project October 31st!

“This Project will be much Different from its predecessor as I find myself coming out of my underground hip hop/ Eminem Molding and developing into my own self.”

Slums Magazine was interested in knowing who was Antwine’s TOP 5 influential rappers in the music industry today.

“When It comes to a Top 5 List What I consider to be a Top Emcee is Someone who is able to tell vivid stories, Change flow and pacing within the same verse, Rhyme the craziest words, jam pack syllables together, and be versatile with their content! Its for that reason I place Eminem as number 1 Ive been listening to that dude since 2000! “
The rapper followed up with paying homage to other rap veterans such as J.Cole, Joyner Lucas and Kendrick Lamar. Acknowledging their ability to tell stories within their artistry, enhance track build-up’s, and making music with everlasting cultural impact that never gets old.

The west-coast rapper also added his self to that list, the slum way!


Antwine gave us some insight on his up bringing as a child. 

“Growing up was Insane, I didnt know my Father, I had an unstable Mother, and I Bounced Foster Home to Foster Home. I found myself homeless many times in my teen years but always stayed positive even in my darkest hours. Life is what you make it and I refused to quit I always saw the Light at the end of the tunnel.”
Q.What is It Like Being a Father and How Does That Influence Your Artistry?
“Being a Father is a Major Blessing and I am Very Thankful to have Children. Having tiny humans dependent on you really changes your outlook on life and makes you become an adult fast. Before parenthood, things like Credit, College funds, owning a house, and your health are overlooked and not thought about but now Its Constantly on my Mind!
There are times where as an artist it becomes difficult. For example writing music or preparing for a set while screaming kids are jumping around and climbing on you, but as My Grandmother used to say,  ‘If theres a will theres a way’ my path may be more difficult but it will be all the more better when I make it.”

Slums Magazine is all about promoting upcoming artist and their growth within hip-hop music. We asked Antwine his future approach on new age hip-hop culture. Considering how different 90’s rap has changed since the new generation, we were curious to know. 

“I grew up on Good ole Boom Bap 90’s Hip Hop. When the New School came In I was reluctant at first but honestly from the flow switches to different fusions of sounds as well as the new uses of melodies and flow changes I find this New Era really amazing!
I plan to bring Everything I look for in a Top Emcee Into the Music I make as well as instrumentals that break the cookie cutter framework and revolve around the flow I bring to the table. I hope My style Brings back the competitive side of Hip Hop. I also plan to touch a broad range or topics as well, Theres so much going on inside of my brain it would be an injustice to keep it all contained.”
Antwine closed out the interview with some inspirational words for other upcoming artist who are also grinding and working as new artist.
“A word of Advice to any Artist Seeking to get into the Industry is to Perfect your craft behind closed doors and stack content to the roof! Once that is done then begin your journey, I did it backwards because I was so excited to show people what I can do but Now I am Constantly Playing catch up. If I could do it again I would have build up everything I needed Before letting it be known that I make Music.”


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  1. I met Chris at Staples Center and was impressed with his character and
    talent. I expect big things for him. They say you can be famous but not rich, I say you can have à

    fan without being famous. #1 Fan Eric Green

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