Slums Entertainment presents, William C Bailey, professionally known as Bugz Gutta.

The rapper, Bugz Gutta, is from Newport News Virgina.

Bugz Gutta currently lives in Brooklyn NewYork.

This is behind the music, exclusive.

Q.  how long have you been an independent artist?

“I’ve been doing music seriously for the past 3 years… so that’s basically how long. Although I do have a team who supports me, I make everything happen for myself.”

Q.How did you get started with music?

“I’ve always been a writer, but while I was locked up, my cell mate use to always be rapping The LOX and DMX. He would make beats with his hands and one day I decided to write my first rap.”

Slums Magazine has been following Bugz Gutta for quite some time. We’ve noticed his constant grind. He’s always dropping new content on his Instgram for his fans.

Bugz Gutta is pushing all the boundaries of Hip-Hop culture. The rapper is no stranger to trouble and hard times.

Before the beginning of his rap career, Gutta served nearly ten years in prison.

Q. What was it like serving 10 years in jail?

“It was hard at first, but it got to a point where I became use to it. I was institutionalized , it was nothing for me to say fuck it, I’ll go back. “

Bugz Gutta took us back into his past life, explaining his last situation getting locked up.

“The last time I got locked up was for sixteen months. It was a group of old-head’s on my block…like 60 or 70-years-old talking about the shit they do and how long they’ve been in and out together. I told myself that wasn’t going to be me. I started changing, then my best friend died, and that’s when I knew my life had to start meaning more to me. I realized how great I am, and that it was all lies told to me. I deserve more and I was destined to get it.”

Now this is survival.

Bugz Gutta has not let the prison system cage him mentally.

He has taking a system that was created to denigrate and breakdown men and has made it a success story.

Thats how you get back up, the slum way!


The rapper is also very honest about his sexuality.

He is open about being attracted to both men and women.

The rapper is a true advocate for the LGBTQ community. He’s now using music as an outlet.

He told slums Magazine that there were straight dudes who reached out to do music, but once realizing he was gay, it was a dub.  Also dudes who went through with a collaboration but refused to promote it.

image1 (2)

” When it comes to they gay community, I feel like I’m not gay enough in my music. I just say fuck it, do what I want and grind. Whoever hop on the wave, I’m going to make sure they enjoy the ride.”

Q. What does authenticity mean to you?

“Being your true self, and walking in that lane where ever it takes you.”

Bugz Gutta is also apart of a youtube show called ” The Circle NYC,” check it out below.

We were curious to know who Bugz Gutta had on his Top 5 list for influential artist.

“Lil Kim, Dave East, The Lox, Tammy Rivera, Amy winehouse.”

Q.What fan base does your music target?

“Mostly the LGBT community and women.”

Q. All music has a message, what is the message within your music?

” The message in my music can be from loving yourself and knowing your worth to overcoming obstacles, but always told from my side of the rainbow.”

Bugz Gutta has revealed that he has a single dropping the first part of the year, following an EP.

Slums Magazine publication is all about uplifting upcoming artist during their journey with entering the music industry. Promoting, encouraging, and uplifting raw and undeniable talent by any means necessary.

The Slum Way!

Bugz Gutta closed out the interview with some inspirational words for other upcoming artist who are also grinding and working as new upcoming artist.

“Just go for it, put your all into it. Believe  in yourself and put in work. Learn the business and learn from other peoples mistakes.”

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