Slums Entertainment presents, 21-year-old, Ke’Vea Blayton, professionally known as Young KSB. The rapper, Young KSB is from New Orleans, but currently lives in Joliet, Illinois. 

This is behind the music, exclusive.

Q. How did you get your stage name?

“My stage name is very simple because it’s ‘KSB,’ it’s my initials and I’m young, so I put ‘young,’ in front of it.”

Q. How did you get into making music?

” I started writing music when I was 12-years-old. I kind of studied the flows of Biggie, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and Tupac. I was so trash at first, but overtime I got better and better until the point of me being a lyrical beast.”

He continued, “I started recording at 17-years-old and after many failed attempts for a project, my debut mixtape ‘The Come Up,’ dropped May of 2018.”

Slums-Magazine has been following Young KSB for a while and we have noticed his new modern approach on 90’s inspired rap, and also his sickening take on old-school fashion.

We had to know more about this upcoming star in the making.

Young KSB: Instagram feed below

The LGBT community has been constantly breaking down barriers within society. Creating an equal playing field for all humanity. opening new doors for opportunities to embark on new careers that aren’t considered the norm.

Rapper, Young KSB, is redefining what the “norm” is for a black, gay man, in the music industry.  He has no intentions on submitting to the needs of whats held “appropriate” for a rapper and is focused on being as raw and as genuine as possible.

According to a message Young KSB placed in his song “Vouge,” The Illinois native is a strong believer in being true to who you are, unapologetically.

Q. All music should have a message, what is the message in your music?

“The message in my music is to be yourself. Never forget where you came from and don’t worry about what everybody else think and do what you got to do. Keep it real at all times.”

In other words, Don’t worry about that haters.

Secure the bag, the Slum way!

Young KSB: Vogue

Q. How has being a gay male rapper in the industry affected you and your artistry? 

“It’s really hard being a gay rapper due to me having to break my back to get into the industry and let alone be seen. It’s hard getting people to support you outside of the LGBT community.”

Q. What other artist are you listening to, besides yourself? 

“My favorite rapper is Lil Kim.”

He continued, ” I listen to a lot of 90’s artist because I’m so into that era. I like Kim, Foxy, Coko from SWV, SWV, Biggie, Pac, Nas, Lauryn Hill, Mia X, The Ghetto Twiinz and more.”

Slums-Magazine was curious to know what Authenticity meant to the rapper, Young KSB. We also gathered all the details about his music and upcoming projects.

Q.What does authenticity mean to you and your artistry?

” I feel like everyone should be original and authentic. I would never want to come into the game trying to be like anyone else. I want my own lane.”

Q.Are you currently promoting any mix-tapes, projects, albums or tour dates.?

“My debut mixtape “The Come Up,” is on all music platforms. It’s been doing fine.”

Young KSB: Nann (Feat. Deno) 

“My EP ” What Was Said?,” drops in January and I’m getting everything together for that now. This is gonna be a movie for real.”

Slums-Magazine publication is all about celebrating upcoming artist during their journey with entering the music industry. Promoting, encouraging and uplifting raw and undeniable talent by any means necessary.

The Slum way!

Q. Any last words for any other upcoming artist inspiring to get in the game?

“All upcoming artist, just know that this industry is not a cake walk. You gotta have thick skin and be able to swim or you’ll drown.”



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