Kirshnik Ball, better known as Takeoff from the rap trio ‘Migos’ recently released his Album ‘The Last Rocket.’ Takeoff is known for his outrageous ad-libs and the “left off ‘Bad and Boujee ‘” meme. The rapper wasn’t fazed at all by Joe Budden’s red carpet interview walkout. The rapper decided to come out with his first solo Debut album.

I guess the best revenge is success.

The Migos fan base all recognized Takeoff’s lyrical abilities a long time ago. His unique Machine-gun flow and incredible ad-libs made him a stand-out for sure.

Now that the crew has vaulted into the public consciousness as legitimate pop figures, it stands to reason that Takeoff would finally begin to get his long-delayed due.

Quavo tested the waters first with his solo album ‘Quavo Huncho.’ Although it didn’t receive the same success as their group project ‘Culture,’ it showed proof that the rappers could stay above water as solo artist.

Clearly, Quavo didn’t have the arm strength to carry out a full project on his own.

His cousin Takeoff obviously took notes.

According to Uproxx, His own solo project, The Last Rocket arrived amid a bustling release weekend that included a number of other big names, but it proves Takeoff and his rapid-fire raps have the legs to stand on their own, perhaps best of all out of the trio.

TakeoffInfatuation FT. Dayytona Fox

Takeoff decided to keep features very limited for his track-list, which isn’t technically normal for a project, especially an Artist first debut album.

Concerning this era, that might be a problem for the “Bad and Boujee” rapper. However, considering the circumstances of the three rappers branching off to do solo projects, this could be a great things.

An album with less features allows the artist to truly shine, and show off their wide range of lyrical abilities.

According to Uproxx, The most disappointing thing about hearing so much more Takeoff on The Last Rocket is that it’s taken so long for him to finally break out of his shell and show that might have been Migos’ strongest muscle all along.

The Last Rocket is out now

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