On Monday, Cardi B announced that she would be releasing a new track titled “Money on Thursday, October 25th. However, Hours after her public announcement, a clip of the song had already leaked online and was being circulated by a number of Nicki Minaj fan accounts.  As a result, Cardi was left with no choice to release the song days early.  The rapper took to Instagram Live to explain what happened.

“Music platforms, someone from their building is leaking everything. They tried to retract it but you know the Barbz. They’re always posting me. They always post everything I do. They claim they hate me but they really love me because they be on my page before my fans. Everything that I do, they be on it before my fans. So clearly that seems like love to me.”

Despite all the chaos around the new single, Cardi B fans seem to be loving the new song. Much like most of Cardi’s music, it’s a song that will do well in clubs.

Listen to “Money” below.


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