Jaik B. Shootin Releases single “Her Eyes” directed towards Heartbreak and Despair




Jaik B. Shootin, a stellar artist out of Columbus, Georgia  who is currently living in Tennessee is making waves all over Instagram and other social media platforms, it has been confirmed that he will be living in Las Vegas, Nevada in the year 2019 to set up more Slum Traps and for his supporters and cult-like following


B.Shootin’ isn’t the typical artist that critiques should to sleep on, the thing is he can actually rap too outside his original primary commercial sound that you may hear and his immediate fans definitely know this information about him. At first glance he’s seemingly harmless with this electric singing style that he has mastered, but there has been videos of the artist posted and shared all over the internet of him pulling off some fierce and daring bars about Donald Trump, racism and other matter of the world and it doesn’t look like his wave is dying down anytime soon according to other members of his team (The Slums) that we have contacted via DM by Instagram.

Her Eyes

Fire in her Eyes


On Sept.17th.2018 Jaik B. Shootin’ released his single “Her Eyes” on SoundCloud, he stated:

“I want to give my music to my fans for free so they can relate to my realities and lifestyle free of charge, they deserve something real in their lives even if it has to be me from a distance or in person when they come to my performances and future meet and greets”

NOW THATS REAL, thanks Big Slum! In the presentation he blatantly goes over how he breaks hearts and waste no time getting lost. This single has an electric sound to it and an impeccable melody you just can’t get out of your head. Trust us here at SlumsMag, you will definitely be wanting more after just one listen.

Listen to the single below and leave your comments 

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